Windows users:  if you’d prefer not to install Python and the additional dependencies, TRI occasionally puts together a standalone package available from the Bitbucket downloads page.podtoolkit

NDIToolbox is an open source project under active development.  To download the current version, visit our Bitbucket site and follow the links under get source (look in the upper right corner).


NDIToolbox is a Python ( application and should run on most operating systems that support Python 2.7 and has been tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, and various flavors of 32 and 64-bit Linux. In addition to Python NDIToolbox has a few additional dependencies:


In the future we might have a full-blown installation package available, but for now NDIToolbox is distributed as a simple Python application. Once you have Python and the additional dependencies installed, download NDIToolbox and run the file in the root folder. On first startup NDIToolbox will create a new folder in your home folder for storing local files.